10 Myths About Russia That Are Not True

Moscow, Russia. Myths about Russia
Moscow, Russia

You’ve probably heard a lot of things about Russia. Mostly bad things, in my experience. However, most of those things are just not true – and probably come from people who have never been to Russia themselves. Russia is beautiful and should definitely be on your bucket list. This blog post will cover 10 myths about Russia that simply are not true.


10 Untrue Myths about Russia

1. It’s always cold and snowing

Yes, Russia is one of the coldest countries in the world. With snow and frost, and temperatures going to a staggering -30 degrees Celsius and -22 Fahrenheit. This is the weather is Moscow, with it getting even colder in the Northern areas of the country. However, Russia also have very mild spring and fall seasons and warm summers.


2. Russian people are alcoholics

Russians LOVE vodka, and alcohol in general. Alcohol is always present at every event and occasion in Russia, but that is because of tradition – NOT alcoholism. Because of this, Russian people generally have a really high alcohol tolerance!

3. Russia is dangerous

Unless you go looking for trouble, Russia is not worse than any other big country. Of course there are some bad neighbourhoods and places that you should probably avoid, but as long as you follow regular rules and stay respectful and stay away from anything illegal, you should be fine!

4. Russia is expensive

Russia falls part of our 30 Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations list! Even though you may need an invite and visa when visiting Russia, getting this is easier than you may think! You can get a hotel in Russia to send you an invitation for a small cost, and getting your visa sorted is only a few steps.


5. Russians hate foreigners (especially Americans)

The World Cup that was held in Russia in 2018 is one of the examples of how welcoming Russian people are too foreigners. Russians love American music, trends, and culture.

6. Russian people are racist

Sometimes people might not know a polite way of saying things – because of cultural differences or language barriers – but this does not mean that they are racist. Russian people are known to be very open-minded. Again, bringing up the 2018 FIFA World Cup, they showed just how open they are to foreigners – opening their hearts and their country!

7. All Russians are spies

This is a myth that is glorified through Hollywood movies – always portraying Russians as spies in any given action movie. Be sure not to bring this up if you plan on visiting – they do NOT find it funny and you will be seen as very disrespectful.

8. Russians are mean/cold people

Being loud or showing a bit too much emotion might be seen as a little bit impolite in Russia. They are known to put on a serious face in public, while being funny and friendly behind closed doors.

Myths about Russia
(Photo by Alexander Aksakov/Getty Images)

9. Bears roam around freely

Another common myth is that Russia has wild bears freely roaming around in the streets. This is NOT true! You will only find wild bears in very distant forests which are a long distance away from any villages. In popular places like Moscow, you can only see some bears in the Moscow Zoo.

10. Russia is old, and conservative. Everything is written in Russia.

One of the things that you may have heard is that everything in Russia is written in Russian and that if you don’t understand the language, you will have a hard time getting by. But this isn’t the case – especially in more well known areas of Russia – like Moscow and St-Petersburg. English is becoming more widely spoken and understood and they also have signs and most important writings in both English and Russian.

Lastly, you will also find that technologies are advanced and widely available throughout the two above-mentioned cities. With multiple WiFi hotspots everywhere and special apps that can be used to order transportation, food, clothes, etc.


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