Our Story

I’m just a twenty-something year old trying to balance work and studies all while trying to satisfy my Wanderlust. Yup, I’ve got a good ol case of the travel bug.

Growing up, I was never one of the kids who went on summer vacations every year (or ever, really.) I was raised to believe that I needed to have a lot of money before I could even think of traveling. My parents thought that they needed deep pockets for us to even leave our city, but I’m glad I know now what they didn’t.

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Our ‘Why’

Before I started traveling on a budget I thought the same way you probably do. “I need money to travel.” But man oh man, was I wrong. I decided to write this blog because when I looked for ways to travel on a tight budget I found a lot of contradicting information. So I did my own research and added my own experiences to bring you everything you need in one place. Everything that worked. Everything that didn’t.