Best Budget-Friendly Countries to Visit in Africa in 2019

Here is 8 of the most budget-friendly countries to visit in Africa! From Mauritius, to Kenya! All of the reasons why you should satisfy your Wanderlust by traveling to these beautiful, yet affordable countries. If you are looking for tips and tricks to travel on a budget, read my blog post on 31 Genius Ways to Travel on a Budget. So if you want to know what the most budget-friendly countries to visit in Africa in 2019 are, read below!


1. Mauritius

Resort in Mauritius. Clear waters and water sports
Mauritius – image via

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Mauritius

  1. Adventurous Activities. If you’re bored of chilling in the sun, go zip lining and hiking through the rainforest or canyoning in the waterfalls. Mauritius offers several adrenaline-pumping activities that the whole family can enjoy!
  2. Budget-Friendly Accommodation. Yup. It wouldn’t be on the ‘Eight Best Budget-Friendly Countries to Visit in Africa’ list if it wasn’t, you know, budget-friendly. You can find rooms for as little as $10 a night (depending on where you look.) Not only does Mauritius offer luxury resort accommodation, but you can find something that suits your budget too!
  3. Amazing Weather. Mauritius only has two seasons and temperatures always range between 17-30 degrees Celsius. However, January-March can be wet because it’s a cyclone season – so keep that in mind when planning your vacation.
  4. Water Sports. From jet-skiing to kitesurfing, paddle-boarding to windsurfing. All water sports are well catered to. You can also enjoy scuba diving and snorkelling!
  5. The Food. Probably one of the most diverse cuisines in the world, with influences from France, India, Africa, and Asia. Do I need to say anything more?
  6. Nature. With about a dozen nature reserves and botanical gardens, there’s no shortage of nature-orientated beauty to explore in Mauritius! Enjoy mountainous vistas, waterfalls, and tropical rainforests. The Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden in Pamplemousses has over 500 species on plants, including giant water lilies.
  7. Lastly. Safety. Most importantly, Mauritius is safe and welcoming. You can bring your family and feel at peace knowing that it is safe and stable and ideal for families and people of all ages!

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Water activities in Mauritius. Clear waters in Mauritius
Water activities, Mauritius – image via

2. Egypt

The Pyramids of Giza and Shine in Egypt.
Shinx and Pyramids, Egypt – image via

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Egypt

  1. The Pyramids of Giza. Kinda obvious, no? This attraction draws the most tourists to Egypt. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that is still standing. To this day, remains of Egyptian civilisation are still being discovered.
  2. The Longest River in the World. The Nile River is 6650km in length and flows into the Mediterranean.
  3. The Weather. Egypt’s ‘high’ season never ends because it has great weather all-year round. During summer months, many tourists go diving, and during winter months, tourists flock to the pyramids and other historic sites.
  4. Egyptian Cuisine. Heavily influenced by neighbouring countries in the Middle East, Egyptian cuisine is full of spices and delicious flavours. In Egypt, food is the highlight of any special event or occasion. Some of the favourites include lamb kebabs, kofta (meatballs), and shawarma (shredded meat in pita bread.)
  5. Go Temple Exploring. The temples in Egypt are filled with ancient hieroglyphics, carvings and paintings!
  6. The Red Sea. Otherwise known as the best place to go diving in Egypt. There are different diving opportunities from wrecks to day boats and shore dives. A diver’s dream come to life.
  7. Lastly. Therapeutical Waters and Sands. It is said that the hot springs can cure respiratory diseases, bone, kidney, and skin problems. You can also treat some physical injuries by getting a sand-burying massage.
The Nile River in Egypt
The Nile River, Egypt – image via

3. Kenya

Giraffes spotted on a safari in Kenya
Safari in Kenya – image via

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Kenya

  1. Kenyan Food. Nairobi is full of diverse restaurants which boast menus from around the world. You will find great local dishes, as well as traditional and somewhat bizarre dishes.
  2. The Nightlife. The people in Nairobi know how to party! If you are a party goer, make sure to visit the Central Business District, Ngong Road, and Westlands for the coolest clubs. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are the best days to party. And even if you’re not a fan of loud music or dancing, you can still enjoy some jazz music at one of the laidback lounges.
  3. Breakfast with a Giraffe. Giraffe Manor is a boutique hotel in Langata, Nairobi. Rothschild giraffes visit the area every morning and poke their heads into the windows of your rooms hoping for food. Although pricey, you should still check it out!
  4. Lastly. The Wildebeest Migration and the Big Five. The wildebeest migration is when two million wildebeest migrate in search of water and greener pastures. Kenya also offers amazing safaris where you can spot the Big Five – elephants, leopards, buffalos, rhinos, and lastly, lions. There is a great variety of national parks around the country.
Giraffe Manor hotel. Giraffes in Nairobi, Kenya.
Giraffe Manor, Nairobi – image via

4. Morocco

Colours of Morocco. Colourful buildings and homes in Morocco.
Colours of Morocco – image via

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Morocco

  1. Easy Access to the Sahara Desert. The Sahara Desert is the world’s largest hot desert. You can start your trip through the desert from several different places in Morocco and there are plenty of tours with experienced tour guides available. You can choose how to explore the desert, for example: ride a camel, go by foot, by horseback, or in a 4-wheel vehicle. Whichever method you decide on, the trip is bound to be something special.
  2. Amazing cuisine. Yup, food and more food. Morocco is known for their abundance of spices. If you are a meat lover, you will be pleased to know that Morocco offers a wide variety of meaty dishes including lamb, chicken, and beef (to name a few.) You will find seafood and fish close to coastal areas. You can also indulge in Moroccan pastries which are to die for.
  3. Breathtaking Architecture. From beautiful mosques to traditional homes and from marvellous palaces to majestic places of religious study. Some of Morocco’s most beautiful architecture include: Saadian Tombs in Marrakesh, Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, and Mosque and University of al Quaraouiyine in Fes.
  4. Accommodation. You can find accommodation to suit almost any budget. From five-star hotels to traditional Moroccan accommodation in the old medinas. Resort areas can be found in the larger cities and beach areas, Agadir and Tangier are some examples.
  5. Lastly. Hospitable People. The country is relatively safe and peaceful. The population is made up of mostly Arab and Berber people who live together peacefully. French is widely spoken, but English is common too – so communication is rarely a problem.
Sahara Desert Tour in Morocco
Sahara Desert, Morocco – image via

5. Zambia

Victoria Falls, Zambia
Victoria Falls, Zambia – image via

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Zambia

  1. Victoria Falls (duh.) Being one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, it’s no surprise that this is one of the main reasons why everyone visits Zambia. It is officially the largest waterfall in the world.
  2. Safety. It is rated as one of the safest countries in Africa.
  3. Adrenalin-pumping Activities. Livingstone offers a variety of options to get your blood pumping. You can bungee jump, whitewater raft, abseil, river board, and anything else you could possibly think of.
  4. Migrations and Rare Species. In November and December you can find up to eight million fruit bats darkening the sky at Kasanka National Park. In Kafue National Park, lions can be seen swimming in and climbing up some trees. You can also spot some wild dogs which are endangered.
  5. Lastly. Learn about Dark Arts (if you’re into that kinda thing.) There is a history of witchcraft in Zambia, and you can learn all about it in the Livingstone Museum and the Lusaka National Museum which have exhibitions dedicated to it.
bat Migration in Kasanka National Park, Zambia
Bat Migration in Kasanka National Park, Zambia – image via

6. Tanzania – Zanzibar

Resort in Zanzibar, Tanzania
Zanzibar, Tanzania – image via

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Zanzibar in Tanzania

  1. The Beaches. You probably guessed this one because this is the main reason why tourists flock to Zanzibar! The beaches are clean, with waters crystal clear. Enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches and resorts in the world.
  2. Perfect Weather All Year. Zanzibar literally has vacation weather throughout the year. So you don’t have to carefully schedule your trip in their ‘peak’ seasons, because it’s always peak season with great weather!
  3. Romance. One of the most romantic places on earth – if you ask me! Any couples flock here to spend their honeymoon on the beautiful beaches in some of the most affordable resorts. With the many islands, and private beach escapes, it’s clear to see why this is a couples favourite!
  4. Stone Town. Also known as the Cultural Heart of Zanzibar, has so many unique experiences. It is a shopping dreamland with items such as jewellery, accessories, clothes, and local crafts in abundance! Most importantly, you can find food markets galore! You can find vegetables, seafood, and spices at the Darajani Market which is a traditional market in Stone Town. You can enjoy a healthy dinner at the Forodhani Night Food Market in Forodhani Gardens.
  5. Beautiful Accommodation. You can choose from a wide variety of hotels, self-catering apartments, ad guest houses. You can also find campsite retreats and beach rentals to suit your needs and wants.
  6. Lastly, Budget-Friendly. Yes, Zanzibar comes off as a high-end resort location, but it definitely won’t feel that way on your pockets!
crystal clear waters in Zanzibar. Water sports and activities in Zanzibar, Tanzania
Clear Waters in Zanzibar, Tanzania – image via

7. Madagascar

Baobab Trees in Madagascar. Sunset in Madagascar
Baobab Trees, Madagascar – image via

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Madagascar

  1. Seriously Cute Lemurs. Yup. If you’ve seen the movie ‘Madagascar’ then you know what I’m talking about. They’re only found in Madagascar and are the country’s most known feature. They are also currently on the endangered species list. Visitors can see them and take pictures with them while visiting national parks. Some hotels built within a natural reserve also offers opportunities to see them up close.
  2. Home to Biggest Baobab. Six of the eight existing baobab species can be found in Madagascar. Some can reach 29.5ft (30 meters) in height and 98.4ft (9 meters) in circumference. They are also called “reniala” which means ‘Mother of the Forest.’
  3. Budget-Friendly. You can have a good quality, affordable meal for around $6, and most rooms start at $15 a night. You can save a significant amount of money if you choose to eat local food.
  4. Overly Dramatic Geography (in a good way!) Deserts, jungles, dry forests, high peaks, swamps, lagoons… you name it. For such a small island, Madagascar offers a plethora of stunning and diverse landscapes.
  5. Beaches. Because of the emerald sea, a large part of the south-west of Madagascar has become the country’s top destination for visitors. Many tourists love to use the location for wedding proposals and honeymoon destinations.
  6. Lastly, Whale-Watching. Madagascar is located close to a migration route for whales and they are visible twice a year from the coast. Sainte-Marie Island is the best place to admire humpback whales between July-September where the females come to calve in the warm sea. In addition to that, baby whales and their mothers can be seen in the shallow waters of Nosy Be during October-December.
Cute family of lemurs in Madagascar
Lemurs in Madagascar – image

8. Namibia

The Red Desert in Namibia
Red Desert, Namibia – image via

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Namibia

  1. The Namibian Desert. The Namibian Desert is the oldest desert in the world. It is home to one of the tallest dunes in the world and stretches from South Africa, along the coast of Namibia, and into Angola. You can also experience the picturesque view of where the desert meets the Atlantic Ocean.
  2. The Kalahari Desert. Home to the cheetah, giraffe, elephant, springbok, oryx, ostrich, zebra, the endangered African wild dog, and many other species. It’s clear to see why this is such a massive tourist attraction. You can find many lodges located inside the Kalahari, where you can go on great tours and enjoy amazing sunsets.
  3. Visit a Ghost Town in Kolmanskop. Occupied by German soldiers years ago, Kolmanskop is now a ghost town. Because of the strong forces of the desert, you can find yourselves walking knee-deep in sands inside most of the abandoned houses. An interesting experience, however, if you are looking for something a little different – you might enjoy this!
  4. The Wildlife. If you are keen on seeing the tallest elephant in Africa, along with the Black Rhinoceros which is very rarely spotted and also critically endangered, head over to Etosha National Park. You can also check out the Cape Cross Seal Reserve which houses the biggest seal colony in the world.
  5. Communication. English is widely spoken and understood so there will not be any problems communicating. Road signs, menus, etc, are all in English too. And if you happen to get lost, there is bound to be a local that understands and can help.
  6. Lastly, Safety. Considered one of the safest countries in Africa, Namibia has good governance and therefore political stability. Above all, Namibia has one of the highest literacy rates on the continent. As a result, you can travel here with your family without the worry of high crime rates.
Ghost Town in Kolmanskop. Knee-Deep in Sand at Abandoned House
Ghost Town in Kolmanskop, Namibia – image via

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