Best Budget-Friendly Countries to Visit in Europe in 2019

Here is a list of 8 of the most budget-friendly countries to visit in Europe in 2019! From Portugal to Russia. All of the reasons why you should satisfy your Wanderlust by traveling to these beautiful, yet affordable countries. If you are looking for tips and tricks to travel on a budget, read my blog post on 31 Genius Ways to Travel on a Budget. To know what the most budget-friendly countries to visit in Europe in 2019 are, read below!


1. Portugal

Portuguese Islands, Portugal. Budget-friendly country to visit in Europe 2019
Portuguese Islands, Portugal – image via

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Portugal

  • The Best Climate. Possibly the best climate in Europe. Mild winters and hot summers make it hard to find a reason not to visit Portugal any time of the year.
  • Communication. Portugal is full of fluent English speakers. The young Portuguese population speak English well, with the older population having English as a third language mostly (after French.) To sum it up, they’ll understand you.
  • The Beaches. Portugal has over 100 beaches. Some of the most beautiful beaches include Figueirinha and Comporta. The water may be a bit colder than what you’re used to, but I can assure you that the pretty sunsets will be well worth it.
  • Outdoor Activities. Keen to hike some dramatic cliffs, swim in natural pools, and discover beautiful lakes? Head over to the volcanic islands of Azores. Ride down the waves in Ericeira, camp under the stars at Peneda-Gerês National Park, or ski down the mountain hills at Serra da Estrela.
  • Budget-Friendly. Portugal has been named one of the best budget-friendly destinations in Europe. Yup, you can get the European charm and history for half the price.
  • The Algarve. It is a paradise with history, as well as modern features and amenities. You can find caves in Benagil Cave and Arcos de Marinha. Amazing cliffs in Sagres. The best quality seafood and fish that you can find. The nightlife is something else – cities come alive with food, drinks, and dancing – party goers should check out Vilamoura and Albufeira.
caves in Algarve, Portugal
Caves in Algarve, Portugal – image via

2. Bosnia-Herzegovina

Stari Most Bridge, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Beautiful Architecture, Bosnia-Herzegovina – image via

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Bosnia-Herzegovina

  • Nature. You’ll find it almost impossible not to fall in love with the landscapes. You will find Rocky Mountains divided by blue waters, rivers, and waterfalls. You can also find valley drives and incredible gorges. The rocky mountains are great for hiking, climbing, paragliding, and mountain biking.
  • Hospitable People. Bosnians make an effort to go out of their way to welcome strangers and make their stay as comfortable as possible. Locals will try and help you whenever they can.
  • Budget-Friendly. Yup, our favourite words. Bosnian’s capital, Sarajevo, is one of the cheapest capitals in Europe. And if you are traveling outside of the city, the prices just get lower and lower. Eating out can cost you less than $3.
  • The Food. The ingredients are always locally sourced and fresh. You won’t be able to help yourself as Bosnian cuisine is satisfying to say the least.
  • Historic Towns. Head over to Mostar, one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most beautiful cities, with Ottoman-era architecture and the famous Stari Most.
Stari Most Bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Budget friendly country to visit in Europe in 2019
Stari Most Bridge, Bosnia and Herzegovina – image via

3. Bulgaria

Beautiful Sofia, Bulgaria. Budget-Friendly travel destination Europe
Sofia, Bulgaria – image via

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Bulgaria

  • The Winter. Yup, something different. The winter activities will blow you away! From winter mountaineering to snowshoeing or ski touring. Anything you’ve ever wanted to do in a winter wonderland is possible in Bulgaria.
  • The People and Hospitality. You are guaranteed to be welcomed with open arms and a big smile. Bulgarian people are known to be very hospitable. Whether you’re staying at a guest house or five-star accommodation, know that you will always feel right at home.
  • Budget-Friendly. Bulgaria is probably the most affordable of the European countries on this list. Sunny Beach was voted the cheapest getaway in Europe for the fourth time in four years by Post Office. Which is another example of why Bulgaria is on the ‘Top Budget-Friendly Countries to Visit in Europe.”
  • Breathtaking Cathedrals. St Aleksander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia is one of the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in the world and can hold up to 10,000 people!
  • Picturesque Villages. The villages in Bulgaria’s countryside will show you just how little has changed in the last century. You will find beautifully preserved homes which have now become museums.
Sunny Beach in Bulgaria. Cheapest Affordable getaway in Europe. Budget-friendly country to visit in Europe in 2019
Sunny Beach, Bulgaria – image via

4. Croatia

Croatia – image via

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Croatia

  • The Beaches. One word: Dalmatian. And no, not the dogs. The coast of Dalmatia. Here you will find crystal clear waters, white pebbles, hidden coves and stunning hideaways. Some popular beaches include Vela Beach, Lubenice Beach, Zlatni Rat, and Dubovica in Hvar.
  • Nature. Croatia boasts a diverse landscape with lakes, rivers, mountains, forests, and plenty of islands to fill your Instagram feeds.
  • Budget-Friendly. It would not be on the ‘Top Budget-Friendly Countries to Visit in Europe’ list if it wasn’t. Yup, if you stay away from the more well-known hot spots such as Split, Hvar, and Dubrovnik, you can still find budget-friendly authentic restaurants, accommodation, and activities. Try to do things the way the locals do – travel and eat local.
  • Food. The most well known food in Croatia is their seafood. Caught fresh and prepared with the best flavours, you are bound to fall in love.
  • The Weather. Croatia has nice weather all-year round and the winters are very mild compared to the rest of Europe. Be sure to check the weather for your time of travel.
Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. Beautiful vacation destination in Croatia, Europe
Dalmatian Coast, Croatia – image via

5. Greece

Santorini, Greece vacation destination
Santorini, Greece – image

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Greece

  • The Food. The Greek Feast. Not only is Greek food diverse and delicious, it’s also very affordable. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, or carnivore – Greece will satisfy your needs.
  • The Beaches. With so many beaches to choose from, you are guaranteed to find one that tickles you in all the right places! Known for their beauty, beaches in Greece are often the go-to for weddings and honeymoon destinations.
  • The Landscapes. You can expect to find pristine beaches, green valleys, rugged mountains, lakes, and forests.
  • Adrenalin-pumping Activities. You can jump on a bike and explore endless islands and secluded beaches. You can also hit the waters and enjoy a wide variety of water sports. From discovering underwater caves to cliff jumping into blue waters.
  • Budget-Friendly. You can easily enjoy a high quality vacation while on a budget. From food to accommodation to activities, you won’t be breaking the bank like you would in other European countries. And if you are willing to go outside of the most popular tourist spots, you will end up saving even more!
  • The People. Rest assured that even if they cannot speak English, Greek people are some of the most hospitable people in the world! They are always kind, inviting, and more than willing to help where they can.
Beaches in Greece - crystal clear waters
Beaches in Greece – image via

6. Serbia

Beautiful Serbia. Budget-Friendly country to visit in Europe 2019
image via

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Serbia

  • The Nightlife. Tourists from far and wide flock to Belgrade to get a taste of Serbia’s world-renown nightlife. Named one of the top 10 cities for its nightlife by National Geographic, will find a wide variety of pubs, clubs, and bars. If you are a party goer, be sure to check out the Sava and Danube rivers.
  • Foodie Heaven. Food is a big part of life in Serbia and mealtimes are nothing to brush over. Meat lovers will especially enjoy Serbia because of the grilled meat options that are available.
  • Fruška Gora National Park. Here you will find lush greenery, spiritual monasteries, hilltops farms, and lots of wine. There’s also flora and fauna that reside within the park and half of the country’s bats, too!
  • Untouched Nature. Relatively untouched by modern tourism, Serbia boasts a wide variety of unique natural wonders. Be sure to check out imposing Vratna Gates, and the meandering waters of Uvac. You should also visit Mount Radan which is known as Devil’s Town, which is home to bizarre red rock formations.
  • Festivals. Serbia is known for their over-the-top festivals which draw almost a million tourists every year!
Meandering Waters of Uvac in Serbia. Budget-friendly country to visit in Europe in 2019
Meandering waters of Uvac, Serbia – image via

7. Hungary

Beautiful Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary – image via

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Hungary

  • Budapest. One of my favourite cities in the world. You could probably stay here forever and not get bored. The neighbourhoods, nature, cafes, shopping opportunities, spas… The possibilities are endless. Once you visit Budapest, it’s sure to be on your list to visit again!
  • Budget-Friendly. While the cost of staying in the main city of Budapest has increased in the last couple of years, it’s still quite affordable. You can do activities, stay in good accommodation, travel by pubic transport, and eat lots of food without breaking your bank.
  • Hungarian Food. It’s one of the first things you think of when you think of Hungary. While the dishes are out of this world, they won’t cost you an arm and a leg, either! Some of the favourites include: Gulyas, Meggyleves, Rakott Krumpli, and Lesco.
  • The Architecture. You can roam around Hungary – and especially Budapest – all day just staring at the old buildings which are absolutely breathtaking.
  • Sights. From the lavishly decorated interior of the State Opera House, to the Parliament Building – these sights are truly impressive. Even on a rainy day, you are bound to get Instagram-worthy photos!
Hungarian State Opera House Interior, Budapest
State Opera House, Budapest, Hungary – image via

8. Russia

Saint Basil Cathedral in Russia. Beautiful Cathedrals in Russia. Budget-Friendly country to visit in Europe 2019
Saint Basil Cathedral – image via

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Russia

  • The Sheer Size of Russia. Russia is the biggest country in the world and this is reflected in every aspect of the country. From palaces, to churches, to the parks. The size of the country means it covers an incredibly diverse landscape and different climate zones. Visit the Siberian taiga forests, the blue expanse of Lake Baikal, and the volcanic moonscapes of Kamchatka.
  • Million-Dollar Views. Any adventure in Russia is going to come with breathtaking views of the country. Whether you’re having a drink at a rooftop bar in Moscow, or looking out the window from your cabin. Views and views.
  • The Nature and Wildlife. There are dozens of UNESCO World Heritage sites throughout Russia. It also has the planet’s largest expanse of forest. In the woodlands you will find animals such as brown bears, tigers, polar bears, and leopards.
  • Russia’s Winters. Yup, it gets cold. And I mean, REALLY cold. But the snow can be beautiful. Just picture beautiful parks and villages covered in a blanket of snow – almost fairytale-like! Christmas in Moscow is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. The city is illuminated with twinkling lights and iceskating in the streets.
Frozen Lake Baikal in Russia
Frozen Lake Baikal, Russia – image via

More Reasons to Visit Russia

  • Winter Adventures. Go skiing down an active volcano in Kamchatka, or dog sledding in Karelia. The Northern Lights above the Kola Peninsula is a MUST.
  • The People. Yup, this one is a surprise I know. But Russian people are actually very warm-hearted and kind people. While I’m sure most of the stereotypes were erased during the World Cup held in Russia, do not judge Russians before you meet them! And you DEFINITELY should not let this be a factor as to why you don’t visit this beautiful country.
  • The Food. With such a wide variety of options, you are bound to find something that melts your heart. Especially if you are a vegan or vegetarian! Be sure to try out the local food, too!
Beautiful Northern Lights in Russia
Northern Lights in Russia – image via

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