How to Book your Dream Vacation

Island paradise, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Zanzibar, Tanzania

So. You want to travel and see the world? Experience different cultures, cuisine, and people? But you’re not quite sure how to book your vacation? Don’t fret! Below is a simple, step-by-step guide on how you can book your dream vacation! Search for, compare, and book everything you need.

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Step 1:

Selecting your Travel Destination

If you’re on a tight budget and not really sure what your options are regarding budget-friendly countries to travel to then don’t worry! We got you! Here is a list of 30 Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations.

You want to keep in mind which months you will be traveling and also think about which weather conditions would best suit you. If you want a tropical vacation, or want to go to a snow-filled paradise. The choice is yours.

Once you’ve decided on a travel destination you can proceed to Step 2.

Step 2:

Booking your Tickets for your Dream Vacation

So before you want to book your tickets, you want to do enough research on different airlines and comparison websites.

The two websites I use to compare flights are: Skyscanner and Cheapflights. *keep in mind the money-saving tips and tricks I mention in this post when searching your flights.

The process of searching and comparing is as follows:

  • Click on one of the links above. (Skyscanner or Cheapflights)
  • Enter the destination that you will be flying from and then enter the destination that you will be flying to
  • Decide on which day you would like to depart as well as which day you want to return. *hint: if you are more flexible with your dates, you might score some deals
  • Enter the amount of travellers – adults, youth, children, and babies will be accompanying you on your vacation
  • Select ‘Search’ – You will then be taken to a page that will display your results which you can sort by cheapest, best deal, or quickest flight.
  • Browse through the results and make a note of the best deals on offer before comparing these to the deals on offer by the website you will check next. *alternatively you could just open both comparison websites in different tabs
  • Once you’ve found a deal that you like and that suits your budget, select ‘View Deal’ – You will then be directed to a page which will show you the details of your flight including stopover and layover times.
  • If you are happy, you can click on “Book” where you will be asked to enter your basic details – name, surname, payment details etc.

Congratulations! You’ve booked your plane ticket for your vacation! On to the next step.

Big Buddha, Phuket, Thailand
Big Buddha, Phuket, Thailand

Step 3:

Booking your Accommodation

Once your tickets are booked, the next thing you want to do is book your accommodation. Because you don’t really want to get to the airport of your travel destination and have nowhere to go, right? Right. Besides, most airports require this information on arrival.

Again, before booking anything, you’ll want to do enough research on different comparison and accommodation sites.

The two websites I use to compare accommodation prices are: Agoda and

Searching For Accommodation using or Agoda

  • Enter the destination that you’re interested in staying in
  • Enter your check-in and check-out dates *be sure to take note of which day you land at your destination. If you are traveling for a full day, do not book your accommodation from the day you start traveling, but rather the day you get to your destination. Otherwise you will be paying for a full day of accommodation and you won’t even be there!
  • Enter the amount of adults/children that will be accompanying you, as well as how many rooms you will need
  • Select ‘Search’ – you will be taken to a page that displays all of the results for your given information. You can sort these results by their price or their ratings. You can also filter the results to see only the properties that have extra needs that you might want. For example: breakfast, free WiFi, etc.
  • Once you find a hotel or accommodation that you like, you can select “See Availability” and given the option to reserve that deal.
  • If you are reserving a deal, sometimes they will require you to pay a deposit for the booking, and sometimes they only need your basic information to reserve the booking for you.

Once you’ve done this, repeat this process for the other website. If you find a place you like, book it! Properties with hot deals get sold out every few minutes so it’s best not to wait too long before making a decision.

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve now booked your plane ticket as well as your accommodation for your vacation!

Below is a bonus step on packing which includes money saving tips and tricks as well as a list of what you should pack for your vacation.

Step 4:

Packing your Bags

Obviously, you’ll want to pack as light as you can to avoid your bags being overweight and having to pay excess fees. You can get more tips and tricks from my post below 🙂

I’ve written a detailed description of everything that you need to know and pack for a vacation, check out the Ultimate Travel Packing Guide and Checklist post.

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