Thailand on a Budget

Fancy going on a vacation to one of the most popular and budget-friendly destinations? Here is how to travel Thailand on a budget. In this blog I’ll tell you some tips and tricks to saving money as well as some free and inexpensive things to do on your stay in Thailand. You can also check out this blog post on other budget-friendly travel destinations.

Money-Saving Tips

  1. Avoid excessively using ATMs. When withdrawing money from an ATM, withdraw larger amounts to avoid constant bank fees.
  2. Try to avoid expensive taxis. You’re likely to get ripped off and end up paying 5-10 times more than the regular prices just because you’re a tourist. Travel like the locals do.
  3. You probably know this one and it should be a no-brainer: Eat local. A westernised meal such as pasta or pizza will easily cost you 3-4 times the cost of a Thai meal.
  4. Book your own accommodation instead of booking it as a part of a package deal. Agoda and offer crazy discounts and you could catch amazing deals on some beautiful resorts or hotels. The earlier you book, the more you will save.
  5. Try and stay outside of the city centre and away from hotels on the beach if you’re looking to get the best out of your money.
  6. Travel overnight, but always get second class tickets. This goes for plane, bus, or boat tickets.

Free Things To Do


  • Check out Big Buddha in Phuket Town. It’s a 45 metre tall statue built from white marble. It’s visible from almost anywhere in Southern Thailand. The statue is still under construction and you are able to sponsor a piece of marble too! You’ll be surrounded by monks so remember to dress appropriately and keep the noise levels down.
Big Buddha Phuket statue made from white marble in Thailand
Big Buddha – image via TravelOnline
  • Make your way to some of the temples. Wat Chalong is the biggest temple in Phuket. Tourists come here to pray to Buddha and to learn about Buddhism. `
beautiful Wat Chalong Temple in Phuket, Thailand
Wat Chalong, Phuket – image via novotelphuketkaron
  • Keen to visit a secret beach? Try Banana Beach. You’ll find it less crowded than the well known beaches. It’s great for snorkelling with crystal clear waters. If you are in Thailand on a budget, this is a must.
boats floating on clear waters in Banana beach, Phuket
Banana Beach, Phuket – image via

Visit Promthep Cape. It’s one of the most famous landmarks in Phuket and offers scenic views of the ocean and it’s definitely Instagram-worthy! Try going at sunrise or sunset to get the best views!

View from Promthep Cape, Phuket. Beautiful skies, view of ocean
Promthep Cape, Phuket – image via


  • Learn about elephants, art, and much more at the free museums. Some of the best museums to check out include Bangkokian Museum and the Royal Elephant Museum.
Entrance of Bangkokian Museum
Bangkokian Museum – image via
  • Give yourself some breathing room in Lumpini Park. This park is around 58 hectares and is absolutely gorgeous. Also provides a good place to be away from the busy streets of Bangkok. You can enjoy the open green areas and the lake.
Lumpini Park at night, city views, lights
Lumpini Park, Bangkok – image via
  • Watch a sunset over Wat Arun – a visually stunning temple. Watch the sunset from behind the temple for picturesque views.
Wat Arun during the daytime, beautiful views and temples
Wat Arun, Bangkok lit up in the evening. Free to do in Thailand on a budget
Wa Arun, Bangkok – image via
  • Participate in a public aerobics class! If you’re looking to be somewhat active and work off the extra vacation weight, head to Saranrom Park – across from the Royal Palace. The park hosts free aerobics classes every evening and it’s free for anybody to join!

Traveling Thailand on a Budget is easier than you think!

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